World's First Android Application That Seamlessly Connects Brands, Businesses, Influencers and Users Altogether.

Boost Your Reach With Influencer Marketing!

Use our AI-powered application to search for influencers in any industry, any category, any country, on any topic in seconds. Automate manual tasks, send an invitation to collaborate and chat with them!

Send a ‘meeting’ request to your favourite influencer. Set a ‘date & time’ and add the credits required to do the meeting as a security. Credits will only get deducted upon the successful completion of the meeting.

Your Favourite Influencer!

Seamlessly Connect
Brands & Businesses.

For B2B businesses, bookholo app allows them to conduct a meeting online and connect with other brands. Therefore, allowing you to expand your reach in different countries.

Presenting to you ‘Bookholo SYC’, a community where you have a freedom to share anything you want to. Our artificial intelligence allows you to automatically join a group sharing same opinions as yours!
Hence, be a human of your choice. Are you an introvert? It’s the perfect time to show who you really are. Make friends, help them fulfill their targets by giving them credits!
Happy Bookholoing!

Ain't you any of them? Join Bookholo as a user and join campaigns and the biggest 'Bookholo Share Your Voice' community

Create, join and earn from campaigns!

Streamline your campaigns and stay on top of all your collaborations with a customizable Influencer and Brand Relationship Management dashboard.

Join campaigns, earn credits! Create campaigns, earn visibility and fulfill your targets.

Connect your amazon or ebay seller account with bookholo and upload the list of products you sell. We fulfill the shipping and tracking of your product.

Ain’t got a bank account? Use your earned credits to make a purchase! Bookholo shop is a cashless stop.

Presenting to you the 'Bookholo Shop', a cashless stop!

Book an airplane ticket, a movie show, or a taxi. With just the help of 'followers' and 'credits'.

Higher the list of followers you have, more are the chances for you to fulfill your targets!

Create a campaign for any target you want to achieve. Write in description ‘I need xyz, and this will cost me $$$’, let your friends give you credits for the same. Book an airplane ticket, a movie show or a taxi from the app itself. Let the followers and credits help you achieve your targets!