Bookholo Credit Wallet!

Manage your earned credits or add credits from your bank account to bookholo wallet. Place product orders from your credits or create ‘growth campaigns’ from those credits. Each credit has a monetary value which equals ₹1 INR, so spend it wisely.

Earn Credits by joining campaigns!

Join campaigns created by brands, businesses and influencers and fulfill their targets effectively. Get paid for completing the target. Each credit has a monetary value equal to  ₹1 INR.

You can transfer it to your bank or purchase a product or share the credits with your followers.

These are the campaigns used for promotional aspects. You can set a budget and duration of the campaign as well.

Increase post awareness, get more followers, get more sales, and get more impressions.

Create 'growth campaigns' and increase your reach.

Share credits with your friends and help them fulfill their targets!

Your friend can ask for credits to fulfill any target. Friends can only receive credits if they create ‘targeted campaigns’. These are the campaigns used for fulfilling a specific target. In these campaigns, you can receive credits from other users. Use those credits to fulfill your targets.

Be it 1 credit or 100 credits, you can place a digit and share as much credits as you want.