Create & Join Campaigns!

Create and join campaigns created by other people like you. Help influencers and brands achieve their targets and earn credits.

Earn Credits!

Join campaigns created by brands, businesses and influencers and fulfill their targets effectively. Get paid for completing the target. Each credit has a monetary value equal to  ₹1 INR.

You can transfer it to your bank or purchase a product or share the credits with your followers.

A campaign can be about anything. The ones with highest target achieved will be ranked on the top of bookholo campaign leaderboard. Exclusive prizes and cash rewards await for those winners!

Compete with other users on a large scale.

Share Your Voice!

Bookholo SYV allows you to share your voice without any sort of filtration in your voice. Our AI automatically adds you to a group sharing same opinions.

And the best part is that you can keep it private too, allowing only your followers to read your posts.

Growth Campaigns

These are the campaigns used for promotional aspects. You can set a budget and duration of the campaign as well.

Types: Influencer approach, User Approach

Targets: Increase post awareness, get more followers, get more sales, and get more impressions.

Targeted Campaigns

These are the campaigns used for fulfilling a specific target. In these campaigns, you can receive credits from other users. Use those credits to fulfill your targets.

Current available targets: Airplane ticket booking, Movie ticket booking and Taxi booking.

Fund Collection Campaigns

This is the campaign type exclusively available for NGO’s. In these campaigns, you can receive credits from other users. These credits have a monetary value and can be transferred to your bank. hence, fulfilling your cause.

Targets: Fund collection only