Bookholo for Influencers!

Connect with brands and users. Book a meeting, or create a campaign! Bookholo allows you to grow your profile and connect with potential audience.

Connect your social media profile and register yourself as an influencer.

Bookholo is very strict with influencer selection criteria. Our AI simply allows influencers on basis of KYC completion. It’s easy to join as an influencer, however bookholo only allows the real influencers to join the platform.

Bookholo presents to you couple of news sites you can choose from. Upload your .docx file, make the payment, and wait for your news article to go live on the internet.

We have partnered with Grandiose Digital Media for the content creation! Hence, making it easy for you to sit back and prepare for your other plans until we get your work done.

Press Release Made Easy!

Create Campaigns Which Specifically Targets Right Users!

Create campaigns! Plan a budget, set a target and set the preferences. Bookholo allows you to be specific with your campaigns and target the right audience for your promotional needs!

Whether it’s your video that you have uploaded on Instagram recently or a tweet. Create a campaign that specifically targets user to click on the video or tweet.