Pair expertise with advanced AI technology! Choose real influencers to do business with.

Connect with influencers. Our AI allows you to select from large range of influencers with hashtag search. Hence, finding influencers on basis of interests, location, etc. Automate your tasks, send messages directly from bookholo in-app chat box. Send payments in form of credits.

Bookholo separates influencers into different types. This way you can search for influencers under your budget.

Choose from our list of authentic influencers!

Bookholo is very strict with influencer selection criteria. Our AI simply allows influencers on basis of KYC completion. It’s easy to join as an influencer, however bookholo only allows the real influencers to join the platform.
Search for a hashtag or a group of hashtags and bookholo will present to you a range of influencers who use the provided hashtags.
You can email them at the same time or reach out to them directly. It’s up to you!

Hashtag search...find influencers of all types.

Organize an online meeting!

Our in-app meeting tool allows you to send meeting requests to influencers.
Choose a date, time and you’re all set.
Add credits to your bookholo wallet as a security. However, credits will only be deducted upon the successful completion of the meeting.